Physics or Bio 2 over the summer?

My plan was to take Physics 1 with lab over the summer or Bio 2 with lab over the summer. The only thing is, I’d have orgo 1 and either the Physics 1 w/lab or Bio 2 w/ lab to go with it and two other humanities. I was wondering which would be the best combination.

Does physics 1 with lab work better with Orgo 1 or does Bio 2? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I found Bio 2 to be one of my easiest classes. So I would match that up with Orgo 1, one of my hardest classes. Physics 1 was right in the middle effort-wise and would make a great summer class in my opinion. I had to take Orgo 1 and Physics 1 (and Bio 1) together, and one thing I noticed is that both orgo and physics necessitate a LOT of practice problems. So good to split them up if you can.

*also a tip for physics: memorize all the formulas even if your prof provides a formula sheet. You will do a lot better on your exams (because you’ll be solving the problem instead of fishing around for the right formula) and will need to do this anyway to do well on the MCAT.

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I agree fully with antman, try not to take orgo and physics together… they both are a HUGE time commitment because of all the problems that you have to work through, whereas bio is mainly “read and conceptualize”…

I’m certainly not practicing what I preach though because I’m currently taking Orgo II AND Physics II at the same time. I really had no choice on that one, but trust me from experience - not a good idea.

Thanks a lot for the info guys. I don’t know how it is anywhere else, but here (USF), people have said that the physics was pretty easy (especially their lab). But not doing any physics in high school would probably bring me below a lot of people taking it.

I have the options of Bio 2 with lab, physics 1 with lab, genetics, orgo, or two humanities classes.

This is ridiculous because my advisors told me that people who take physics and orgo seem to become confused with the concepts for some reason. But that’s what I have planned for now

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