Physics or Orgo?

Technically I could do both and sit the MCAT this spring then apply and hope for the best. With how sick the kids have been and my struggle to maintain B’s,my advisor and I both feel it is in my best interest to break it down and do one a year and push off apps until 2011 fo entrance in 2012. Which begs the question, physics next year or Orgo? I have never taken a trig class, but I sat down w/ the director of physics and the prof of the gen physics class and asked them what I needed to do to prepare. He said it’s expected I have a general comprehension of trig. My friend from CC got A’s and has agreed to walk me through it this summer if I want her to so I may take her up on that.

I wish I could push and kick them both out next year. Then I would be done, but I have to think about the MCAT as well and when do I prepare for that. Is it even possible to do that and work and do both classes at the same time while maintaining a good GPA? O.k. breathe Susan, slow down, osteopathic schools will still be there when you’re ready. … ok…forgive the mini pep talk there…I’m listening to my advisor. Yes, I’m listening lol.

Which begs the question. I need to have at least 6 credits to keep my financial aid. What else to take in that time since everything else runs a semester long.

Hello, dear! Well, my kids were also sick during this semester… my grades are suffering as well. Thus, I will have to push my schedule the same way. If you’re talking about Orgo 1, not Orgo 2, I think you should take it. If your friend’s help is enough, go for Physics too. Orgo 1 is a lot of memorization, however, Orgo 2 is very difficult to me. Good luck!!