Physics Q?

I posted this accidentally over on the Intro boards so I wanted to put it over here as well.
My school is enrolling for the fall right now and I need to take Physics 1.
My school offers an Intro to Physics class for students who have no physics backgroup. Do you think it is necessary to take the intro class before Physics 1? Do most people who take Physics 1 have a physics backgroup of any kind?
Also how much algebra does it require? Is it harder math than say Chem 1? Math is a weak subject for me overall, I would say I am a “B” kinda math student. At my school there is no calculas pre-req, just high school algebra (or you can take Intermediate Algebra to catch up if you have been out of school for a while or suck at math…lol).
I just want to be best prepared for this class…any advice, insight would be appreciated. I’ve tried talking to people at my school but I mainly just know nursing students and none of them have to take it so I am clueless.


Welcome aboard! You’re actually getting more responses over there on the intro board, so I’m closing this thread, just to keep all your eggs in one basket. Anyone who’d like to respond, please Go HERE on the intro board.