Plan in place

Okey Dokey folx!! I sat down last night and finalized my choices for post bacc and/or prereqs. There are 2 schools that open for applications on Sept. 1st for next year’s class. There is one on October, one in November, and one in December. Right now I am just going to focus HEAVILY on preparing applications for the two that open for apps in September. Sending out requests for transcripts is the first chore. Then I will be sending a letter of request to each person I am requesting an LOR from. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, finalizing some plans for “legit” volunteering. It is just so odd to me that I spend 50 to 60 hours a week serving the troubled, destitute, homeless and underserved in my job site…somehow all the “volunteer” activities pale in comparison. Judy strongly suggested I do this however, and that no job is a substitute for volunteering on an application. So I am looking at the options in my current community. All in all, it makes for strange timing that my commitment to the NHSC ends in October, thus pushing me into next year’s incoming class. Oh well, everything happens for a reason. My final choices you ask? Applying to Post Bacc at Johns Hopkins and Goucher in September. Salisbury University as a bio major in October, Georgetown Post Bacc in November, and if all else fails, SGU post bacc in December. I will be entering school SOMEWHERE next year…we’ll just see what happens. As Gabe says…“Let the Games begin!!”