Please Advise on Best Cardiology reference book and resource


I am going to be doing some research and observeatory work, all unpaid, with a group of cardiologists. There are so many cardiology books, as you well know. Could those who have experienced any of these or have knowledge of, recommend the one you feel would be best? Thank you.

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I’ve just completed a 5 week program on the cardio-vascular system. These are the text books we used. I would say these would get you off to a fairly good start!

For a good overview of physiology and pathology:

Lilly, Pathophysiology of Heart Disease, 4th edition

For a good intro on the ECG:

Garcia, 12-Lead ECG: The ARt of Interpretation

For more in-depth coverage of pathology and management:

Harrisons, Internal Medicine

Good luck!


Thank you for taking the time to respond! I am going Monday to our Medical Book Store!! I appreciate it, thanks again!

Just wanted to mention that I bought:

Hursts: The Heart and your suggestions, except for Harrisons…Thanks!

Enjoy your reading.

I found cardiology to be truely fascininating, and were I not soooooo “non-traditional”, it could well be a specialty for me!

Although a definite stretch for me, tossing the idea about is nonetheless amusing.

I don’t know how much time you have to ready yourself for your visit with the cardiologists, but for what it’s worth, the ECG is also something quite cool to master. You’ll likely find Garcia an easy read, but as the saying goes: practice makes perfect. Work the examples, and in no time you’ll be able to distinguish a bundle branch block, from a ventricular hypertrophy, from an antero-lateral infarct, from a supra-ventricular tachycardia, from a VTach!

Best wishes!

Hurst’s The Heart is an excellent resource. I actually had the privilege of meeting Dr. Hurst when I worked at Emory University Hospital. I worked on the cardiothoracic stepdown unit as a monitor tech. Garcia is an excellent book to get you started…but practice is key. If I can think of any other books that might be helpful I will let you know.

Thanks bbiebinger! Yeah I am (as we speak) reading Hurst’s book…It is an absolute top-notch Heart book…Heck, it’s two whole volumes!!