Please Help me figure out which plan to choose! I'd appreciate you a lot :)

HI everyone,
-I have received 4.0 GPA from my DIY post bac at a 4-year university this school year 2018-2019 (with all challenging upper-division science courses). My cumGPA: 3.14; AMCAS cSGPA: 2.98; AACOMAS cSGPA: 3.06
=> Goals: need to take 3 more classes of at least 9 units to bring up my cSGPA to above 3.0. I listened to Dr.Gray advices and based on my situation, this is the most practical plan for me.

Due to some family emergency, I have exhausted my savings and no longer have enough funding for the last 9 units of my DIY post bac.
I have been very stressed with trying to plan everything out, so if you can please give me some sincere, objective advices regarding my plans, I’d extremely appreciate your kindness.

Plan A (my original plan)
Do the MCAT June-September, 2019
Fall quarter classes from October-December at a 4-year university (around $3000)-thinking about using credit cards to pay for $1500, and use my saving for $1500.
-Work part time while in school
Afterwards, working full time to save up money for applications

Plan B:
Do the MCAT June-September, 2019
Work full time to save up money from October-May, while taking classes at CC starting in December.
Take classes at a community college instead of a 4-year university from Jan-May 2020 (honestly not sure what classes to take yet since I did all my upper division science courses at a 4-year university. Maybe taking chemistry and organic chemistry that I got C-’s)
-obviously this one is way cheaper, and I can pay out of pocket for my last 9-unit classes.

Plan C:
Take classes at a CC from August-December and working.
Study for the MCAT from December till March.
Start working full time from March onward to save up money for applications in June.

My honest feelings and thoughts:
-I want to take the MCAT and get it out of the way as soon as possible. I don’t really enjoy taking it later. I have been consistently studying for it every day since May, and the thought of doing it way later is tiring me out a bit.