Please help me in this debate with my wife.

My wife thinks Sunday is a blah day. There is nothing on TV and feels that many people hate Sundays. I think it has to do with people having to go to work on Monday.

Sunday is NASCAR day!! Nothing at all boring about that :slight_smile: And when the weather is nice, Sundays are great for long bike rides.

Sunday = SPORTS!!! I am a hardcore football & car racing fan. I even get up early on Sundays to watch Formula 1. Ideal Sundays kick off with F1, involve cold beer (after noon, of course) and the freedom to flick between the NASCAR race & a multitude of NFL games…ahhhhhh, I can smell the testosterone!

I hate Sundays! I dread the next AM going back to the grind and there IS nothing interesting on tv.

ODL… Nascar!? That’s worthy of a whole other vote!

I love Sundays and am not into sports. It’s the one day I’m guaranteed to have off with my spous and we take advantage of the family time.

Sundays are great, it’s like another Saturday but without the stress from the previous day.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Church and family time.

Sunday’s is family day …Have fun with the kids and wife.

I love Sundays, although my fiance hates them. Says they remind him of when he was a kid and his parents “exchanged” them.

  • ViceroyPlain05 Said:
Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Church and family time.

My feelings exactly. The TV stays off all day. After Church, we eat a late brunch, play games, sometimes have friends over. Sunday is easily my favorite day of the week.

P.S. In marriage, you can win the argument or you can be happy. Take your pick. I generally choose the latter.