PLEASE HELP!!Should I buy instruments yet?

I already have a stethoscope. FOr second year, the school wants us to buy blood pressure cuffs (Tyco) and diagnostic set (with otoscope etc). Total cost is around $600 with little things like reflex hammers, tuning forks etc (I already opted for the “heavy” handle rather than the lighter one). I was all set to get the instruments when I heard that most/many of the now-MS-3’s advised against buying them, claiming that they never used them because we always have practice equipment available in the clinical center as well as when you do rotations/residencies.
Some reasons FOR buying the diagnostic set/cuffs I can think of:
1. Interest in missionary or volunteer medicine where they may not have equipment
2. Practice on family etc.
3. They will never be this cheap again

Hi Sara,

You probably will not use these instruments after you are done with your Physical Diagnosis class. Most clinics have these already mounted on the wall or readily available. If you are traveling overseas, you have to take batteries with you because you can’t plug-charge this in international plugs.

Can you share an instrument or try to purchase from an upperclassman who will not be using these? As a surgeon, I never use my diagnostic set and thus it sits in my overnight case most of the time.

If you have the $600 and you are sure that you are going to need this stuff or that you need lots of hands-on practice, then purchase your set.

Contrary to what the Welch Allen folks would have you believe, you can get pretty good deals on this stuff on E-bay. Many folks unload these instruments after Physical Diagnosis is over.

Try to share if you can to save money.


Thanks for your feedback…I will definitely consider asking the third years (they are having a jam session for us this week). I don’t suppose you or another OPMer wants to sell theirs for cheap ?