Please Help!

I need help ASAP!
I have just completed part I of Human Anatomy and Physiology and am happy to report that I received an A for the semester.
I am currently registered to take part II of the course in the Spring but I am rethinking this decision.
While taking part I of A&P I realized that it would be very difficult for me to be enrolled in this course and study for the MCAT both while working full time. At first I thought that I should just continue on in sequence and take part II of A&P this Spring then shoot for the August MCAT. I am not so sure about that now.
Let's go ahead and put this out on the table. I have a fundamental fear of the MCAT that dates back many years. The scores I received on the test many years ago marked probably the lowest point in my academic life.
With that said I am thinking that maybe I should drop my registration for the second part of A&P this Spring and shoot for the April MCAT. That way if I don't do as well as I would have liked, I could still shoot for the August MCAT. My concern however is how this would look to admissions committees (assuming that I do well enough on the MCAT to apply). I would still enroll in the second part of A&P, it would just not be until the Fall of 2003.
All opinions welcome…THANKS!

I wouldnt take it now.
If you really like anatomy like I do, then I'd take it after you take the mcat provided you score well.

Your reasoning is sound. A&P won’t be essential for the MCAT in any case, so you’re not losing anything. How long ago did you take the “essential” MCAT courses - o-chem, g-chem, physics, basic bio and genetics? If there’s a gap of some years between the coursework and this review, then you are definitely going to need to maximize your time with MCAT review and don’t need the distraction of another course.
You are a different person from the one who took the MCAT several years ago. Try to put that old experience out of your mind and remember this is the NEW, confident you taking it this year. Don’t go into it thinking, “I can always try again in August,” although of course you can. Instead think, “I am going to use this test to show what I’ve got, and do well. And I never want to have to take it again, so I’m going to nail it the first time!”

I would skip the second semester of A&Pas well, mainly because your working full time. You have a full lag year to take any additional courses you want.
Focus on the MCAT.