please help

Hi Everyone,
I have volunteered to start up a pre med society at my school. I go to a small state school…in a very rural area. There are hardly ANY resources out here for pre meds like myself. I am asking for your help in donating used MCAT study materials for this new society. We will TAKE ANYTHING YOU HAVE…as long as you would be willing to donate to us. Any materials I receive will be placed on reserve in our library for future pre meds to use. Many of us do not have the money to buy a lot of the study guides or practice tests etc…or the tapes . We would appreciate anything anyone would give us. PLease, if anyone would be so gracious, you can email me at and we can talk more about it. Thanks so much for your time…best of luck to those of you who are now studying for the upcoming test!!! Anna

I’ll peruse my books and see what I have…but, I suspect most, if not all of it, is long gone. Hopefully, some of the OPMers who have only recently gotten in will be willing to give you an assist.

You can always refer your clubmembers to OPM. We’d be most happy to help in any way we can.