Plug for great Family Med residency program

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to put in a plug for a family med residency program in Des Moines, Iowa for those of you considering family med (I did a rotation there as an M3). The program is at the Broadlawns Medical Center (community hospital) and is very friendly to both non-traditional students and DO grads. The residents are treated incredibly well and the residents really have a GREAT deal of responsibility at the hospital (family med is the only residency program at the institution). If that wasn’t enough, the also provide free housing! Like I said, they really treat their residents with much respect!

Cool. OPM has a member doing her neurology residency over in Iowa City, Tara Cook. She seems to like Iowa alot

Yes, definitely love living in Iowa!!

do I have to overnight some lox and good bagels to you?

The lox was definitely a nice surprise at the brunch buffet :slight_smile:

Send me some!

Bagel in Hospital Joke Link