+ / - (plus and minus) grades: do AdComms know?

The university where I am doing my post-baccc does not give out plus or minus grades. In looking over my percentiles in my science classes, it appears that my science GPA would be higher if I did have plus/minus grades because most of the time I have missed A’s by just a few points. But because no plus or minus grades are given, I end up with a B instead of an A- or a B+. Getting B’s has caused my GPA to drop precipitously. In most of my science courses, an A is either 90 or 91%, although in a few courses it has been as low as 85% (e.g. organic chemistry).

Do AdComms know which schools give out plus or minus grades and which do not? And do they take that into account when looking at GPA?

AMCAS/AACOMAS just go by what’s on your transcript when you enter the data. And that is how your gpas are computed. Med schools go by that, they don’t try to reinterpret whether there should be pluses and minuses attached. “Just the [hard gpa] facts.”



Thanks for the information. I recalculated my GPA based on apparent +/- grading, and it appears that I would be 0.2 grade points higher. That is significant in situations where every point or partial point thereof counts. In retrospect, I probably should have not only done better in my courses, but done so at a school that gives out +/- grades. Too late now.