POLL!: What is your test prep routine?

How’s everyone’s test prep going?

Poll Question:

  1. How many months of test prep is enough for you?

  2. What is your test prep routine?

    I’m surprised I had to try a few different things before settling into what works for me!

    I also find that telling people “I have a big test coming up, and I’m preparing for it, so I need X hours per day” and life makes room!

    My answers:

1) 6 months

2) 4 to 5 hours in the morning I'm reviewing all EK books along with Gunner Training flashcards/qbank.

Ummm…ok. Feeling woefully inadequate. As a working mom, I’m lucky if I get in 10 hours a week and I am registered for MCAT in May. But, I DO have tutors?!?

Verbal and Essay are fine. It’s physics that’s kickin’ my butt.

I’m probably putting in only around 10 hours a week at present (not counting the hours for my physics undergrad course). I am also taking a May MCAT.

I’m using EK Audio Osmosis during my commute to/from school (4hrs/week), and the other ExamKracker books for the rest of it.

I just got the EK 1001 Questions books and have been working through the Bio one over the past week. I am very impressed with it so far, and it really “clicks” with the way I learn. Basically, you read a short passage (which reviews pertinent info), answer 5-8 questions, and then review your answers. The answer reviews are great at cementing the information - they explain which answer is right (and why), which answers are wrong (and why), and repeatedly review key concepts. I am doing every 3rd passage, so that I can recycle through the subjects a couple more times once I work my way through the other subjects. For concepts that I don’t know well enough, I go back to the main book and review/make flashcards. This is working a lot better for me than just plowing through the full EK books, and the linking of concepts helps the info to stick. I’m also finding that I can do this in short chunks, whereas it didn’t seem worthwhile to pull the main review book out if I couldn’t spend at least 30 minutes on it.

Is it enough? I don’t know yet - I’ll be able to tell you in June.