Post all past and present AMCAS experiences here

Here’s a question–has anyone here who applied in the last couple years submitted an academic change to AMCAS after their application was processed but before it got transmitted to schools?
AMCAS made a gaping error in calculating my gpa when they processed my app. They left out my entire sophomore year, and gave me three years’ worth of semester credits for trimester courses without converting into semester hours.
They say it will take two weeks to fix, but that my application will be transmitted if schools start downloading before that. I have a hard time believing them, but I wondered if anyone here had a similar experience and knew how this worked. I hope this is true–the gpa error is in my favor, and if AMCAS wants to transmit things in that condition, that’s their business.
Or, if anyone wants to rant about anything AMCAS-related, please go ahead. I can’t believe the mistakes they’ve made just with my one application… Of course, if people have nice things to say about AMCAS too, they can post that too. Sure…

OOh, a place to grumble with no repercussions, I love it!
I’m sorry that your stuff got messed up , but at least it’s their error and not yours. Congratulations on your new GPA . Has your experience been a little less than you expected so far, I know mine has…
I have been in the phone tree since app season started and have sent about a thousand unanswered e-mails; unless you count when they cut and paste me an exact page from the directions PDF file. My question is… If I am smart enough to get this far wouldn’t it stand to reason I’m smart enough to have read the directions?
Because I was in the Army and the way they want things placed I will not even have a GPA for my “FR” and “SO” years, all of my scary past Community College grades have become"JR" year, and I’ll have about a hundred credits in my “SR” year before I grad! I gave up trying to get some of my questions answered so we’ll see if I get validated with corrections.
How long did it take you from submitting to get validated, and when did you submit?

I submitted on June 20, was on hold for a reason that was AMCAS’s fault until June 23, and got verified and processed on July 1. I sent in a request for a gpa recalculation yesterday and am waiting for that to happen.
Now, YOU may be smart enough to have gotten where you are in the application, but that doesn’t mean AMCAS is! Did you find their “instruction manual” to be as useless as I did? I thought it was a joke. It raised way more questions than it answered.