Post Bac Classes - magic formula to nailing it?

Hi all,

I finally made my way to the forum! Been following Dr. Gray’s podcasts for quite some time but don’t think I heard this specific question being addressed yet.

I am a non-trad who graduated with BS back in 2012 with major in biochemistry and 3 science minors. Since then, I been involved in basic, transnational, and clinical research. My original plan was to pursue PhD, but due to series of fortunate events, I fell in love with medicine and now am on a journey to become a different doctor…an MD. I am currently working full time as CRC, while volunteering both in a hospital and community clinic.

I did a free evaluation from the Princeton Medical Admission Consulting, and was told that I will need to get a MS or complete a post bac program to be a competitive applicant, since I been out of school for so long. My undergrad cGPA was 3.69 and science GPA was 3.54. I took MCAT without much studying and got 500. Planning on retaking it while hitting books hard around Feb/March of 2020. Feel confident I can score 508 or above.

I really don’t want to go back into debt or prolong my pre-med journey, so I started taking classes (online for right now, but looking to potentially squeezing few in person next semester) at the University from which I graduated. My questions:

  • Does taking one class per semester (while working, studying for MCATS, and doing all other pre-med things) would look bad on post-bac transcript?

  • Should I take higher science level classes that I haven’t taken during my undergrad OR should I repeat my pre-reqs on which I got lower grades. (Had 1 C+ for OrgoI, all others were Bs and As).

  • For how long is it recommended to take post bac classes AND is there a good number at which I should stop?



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