Post-bac interview? (JHU)

Hey folks…

So I’ve been asked to interview for Johns Hopkins’ post-bacc… this was a slight surprise to me, because they are supposedly very competitive (then again, I do have some pretty damn good grades, so maybe I shouldn’t sell myself short)…

In any case, two things:

  1. Interview tips? I imagine they’ll be asking about my motivations, why I’ve chosen medicine at this time in my life, etc…?

  2. Any thoughts on their post-bac in general? Competitive? Unfriendly? Not fun? Manageable?


Rule One: Take a Breath

Their medical school is one of the most competitive in the country but I have no direct info on the PostBacc.

You need to do a mock interview with someone or at the very least, come up with 20 or 30 topics/questions and then develop some points for each. Not trying to memorize but familiarize yourself with how to best express what should already be motivations/ideas that you have thought about.

Why do you want to be a physician?

Why have decided to tru for medical school at this juncture in your life?

Why JHU?

What do you bring to JHU?