Post bac or just apply?

Hi everyone,

I’m new at the old pre meds forum and just wanted to introduce myself a little bit. I am a 32 year old molecular biologist that currently works at a research lab in a university in California for the past 2 years. Before that, I worked in a research facility in New York for a year. I worked in emergency veterinary medicine for almost 6 years and really got the bug to become a doctor from there. I have a master’s in Molecular Biology and B.S. in Biology. My undergrad GPA was not the best: 3.09 c; 2.99 s. In my master’s degree I did much better with a 3.75 gpa. I am planning on taking my MCATs for the first time in May.

My question is, given my back ground, would it be recommended that I go and do a post bac program? I am not sure how much it would fix my under grad GPA as I already have 148 science credits.

If not, what else should I do to try and help me look more appealing as an applicant?

I wouldn’t recommend a post-bac, as it sounds like you’ve probably covered all of the prereqs from your prior coursework. As you mention, this won’t move your GPA much even if you ace all of those courses (might bring you up to the 3.2 cGPA kind of range). If you do well on the MCAT and apply broadly, I think you’ve got a decent shot at getting in.

Be sure to spend some time now shadowing and gaining clinical experience, as well as community service.