Post-Bac Programs

I just recently graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Biology and with an overall 2.9 GPA. I realized late in my senior year that I wanted to become a physician, but there was no way in hell I could get into a med school with this GPA. My girlfriend mentioned to me about post-bac programs. Like second chance listed in his post I am qualified for those post-bac programs and I am also qualified in other post-bac programs, but I have to take the MCATs. While Manhattanville, SFSU, Duquesne and Hardvard Extension School don’t require the MCATs. On my transcript I have A’s, B’s, and C’s. I just hope some post-bac program will accept me.

You could check out UC Berkeley extension post-bac. I think the minimum gpa is 2.7.

I did check out there website. I saw that it was a 3.0 along with Duquesne. I’m still going to apply, hopefully my physician shadowing, volunteer experiences, and extracurricular activities help me out a little bit to make it in there post-bac program.

I thought the point of formal post baacs were if someone didn’t have the required pre-reqs for medical school, if a person has a biology degree wouldn’t that exclude them or defeat the purpose of the post baac program? I’m just curious because I don’t know alot about formal post baacs, I’ve just started information gathering on them. I am thinking with my GPA as bad as it is, I might be better off getting a degree in something I am super strong in rather than the biology/pyschology double major I am listed as now and boosting up my GPA high enough for a formal post baac then going that route, but if you don’t have to be lacking in the required science courses then I can still do that if I am reading this thread right.

There are two different types of post-bac programs: career changer programs and the other is academic enhancers. The career changer programs are for the students who did not have much of a science background and they have decided to change their path towards medicine or any other health profession while the academic enhancer programs are for the students who have completed the pre req science courses needed for medical school, but they need to increase their academic credentials. Duquesne, Manhattanville, Harvard Extension School and SFSU both have these programs. There might be more, but these are the schools that I have been researching.

Ok, I guess the only post baac programs that I saw were ones that seemed to focus on people who needed to fulfill the science requirements. Thank you.

I just found that on Brown’s website they list links to several others schools that offer both types of post baac programs which is very helpful so I thought I would share that with everyone, I search for schools with linkages though so I think they all are linkage programs but I am not certain. I just wanted to share the information.

Hello there,

I think you might want to look into the post bacc programs at Drexel and Temple in Philly

Thanks, I will look into those. It’s just all very confusing, and of course the schools make their program sound like the perfect one so it’s hard to in reality which one is!