Post Bac vs retake MCAT?

Hi there,

I’m in a bit of a pickle here. This is my second application cycle, I was interviewed both times at the same MD school and rejected, boo! I’m currently scribing so I think having that medical experience and having some LOR from doctors will help my application next cycle.

My gpa is 3.47 with a 3.44 science gpa and I have taken the MCAT 3x (504, 504, and last was 506). I think activity wise I am fine, I have medical experience, volunteer, research, and so forth but my gpa/MCAT are too low. The 3x I took the MCAT, I self studied. I am not happy with my score and believe I could do a lot better with a structured MCAT course/tutor.

I’ve also stumbled upon post-bacc programs. If I were to maintain a 4.0, I could bump my gpa to a 3.6. However, with a small bump, how costly the programs are, and having to delay two years, I’m not even sure if that’s worth it?!

My question is would I be best off hunkering down and killing the MCAT and not worry too much about my gpa? I also plan on applying to DO schools next cycle as my stats are more in line with DO programs, but I also feel like I’m so close with the MD state school that I was rejected from, they bothered to interview me so maybe improving my MCAT plus having another year of medical and volunteer experience will push me over the edge to gaining an acceptance from them?!

Appreciate your help!

Your stats are target for DO programs assuming you have good clinical experience/ECs/personal statement/etc. Your stats for MD schools are <50th percentile so you would need to get your MCAT up in order to have a chance at MD, if you are URM you can target mission specific schools and might have a chance there.

If you do a post bacc, you would still need to get your MCAT up for MD schools.

Good luck!