Post-Bacc classes

Hi everyone,
I just joined yesterday and I’m very excited about this site. I have a BA degree but I still need to take all the pre-req’s and then some (to boost my GPA). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what classes to take first. I’m starting classes in the fall and plan on working for the first semester, so I can probably only take two.

How good is your math? Rusty? Good shape? You may want to take a placement test at your university to see where you stand. Once you have good solid algebra skills, you can take general chemistry, which is followed by organic chemistry (both with labs). You want the one for science majors. You also need 8 hours of biology with labs, and you can take that concurrently with the chemistry if you have the time. For some schools, you’ll later need biochemistry and calculus.
If you’re working full time, I’d suggest taking only ONE class your first semester. It takes a little while to adjust to learning the sciences, being back in school, etc., and you want your first semester to be successful and set the tone for the rest of your pre-req career.
Good luck! Isn’t it exciting?