Post bacc dilemma

Hello all, I’m in the midst of a personal crisis. In June I enrolled in a career changer program( I have a English degree with a 3.3 gpa). In my first summer semester I received a 3.8 however during fall semester I received a C- in physics 1 while the rest of my classes turned out well.My gpa for fall semester turned out to be a dismal 3.2. I have been questioning my abilitity to get good grades throughout Christmas break. I am interested in both D.O and M.D schools. I am currently signed up for ochem 2, stats and physics 1 again. Is this a wise plan or not? Any advice would be appreciated.

Are you willing to retake physics 1?

Personally I would go forward with this semester and do everything in your power to ace your courses. If you can finish with a GPA close to 3.5, you have a chance. You will need other things to stand out in your application (a high MCAT score would make a compelling case for you).

Take an honest look at your efforts this past semester. Did you work hard enough? If not, then buckle down.

If you did work hard, then continue to work hard but be willing to change your study habits. Try to be more efficient. Try to focus only on what is important.

It sounds like you know how to get good grades, because you got them in everything except Physics. There are no physics classes in med school…you just need to be able to rock it as a premed and after the MCAT you can forget about it.

If you do worse this semester, it may be time to consider other options (PA, NP, something where you are still a health care practitioner) but DON’T GIVE UP YET!

Every single person who becomes a doctor has to demonstrate perseverance along the way. This is your opportunity.