Post-bacc (DIY or structured) vs SMP

Hello dear readers,

I’m looking for some advice on whether to apply to a SMP or do a post-bacc (DIY or structured). I graduated 4 years ago with a degree in bioengineering with a cGPA of ~3.15. I took the MCAT this year and received a 516. I’m also currently doing shadowing work and plan to work as an EMT in the next several months as a means to get paid clinical hours.

For someone with my situation, would it be recommended to do an undergrad post-bacc (DIY/structured) as a GPA enhancer or do an SMP, preferably at a medical school? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.


I am in a similar situation as you and would like to give you my $0.02 based on my research. If you have a lot of credits from UG, doing a post-bacc to raise your GPA is going to be rough. You need to calculate how many classes you need to get your GPA up to your target. If it is unreasonable, go SMP.