Post-Bacc or Start Over?

Hey guys,

I’m looking for some advice regarding my pursuit of Med School. If someone could help that would be awesome. Here’s the rundown…

I have an awful Institution GPA of a 2.596 and an even worse science GPA of 2.129. I originally transferred into university from a community college with a 3.2 GPA, however, have been headed downhill since my first semester at a University. I ended up Withdrawing from 3 courses after the withdrawal deadline and ultimately bombed my first semester ending with a .664 GPA for the semester. This was mainly attributed to a dying family member who was hours away and ultimately passed away midway through the semester. It was not linked to depression or any kind of mental instability, but rather the overwhelming amount of time and energy it took to be present during the months of their bad health. I could not find time to study, yet make it to some of my classes that I often had to skip.

I also just found out this semester that I have a Tic disorder most people know as “Tourette’s syndrome” brought on by potentially ADHD. I have been to the doctor a few times and they are still assessing what the route of my “tics” are. However, I definitely think they are treatable!

This past summer I took a full semester with four classes as well as knocked out an EMT-b certification in which I’m nationally and state registered. I have yet to volunteer aside from the 40 hours of clinical experience so far, and have another 60 hours of job shadowing in the operating room through doctors that my mother has connections with. Anyways, I graduate this fall semester and was curious as to whether I should do a post-bacc, or maybe take an SMP? I feel like I’m cornered without no way out because my University only allows students to have 3 retakes. I’ve put the MCAT prep on hold because I know that my GPA and sGPA should be my main priority and even if I were to somehow demolish the MCAT and score within the 90th percentile my chances of acceptance are still slim. Any advice? I’m 23 years old and am willing to accept any criticism and advice to achieve my dream.

I don’t know too much about SMP’s, I went straight into a formal post-bac program, but I would suggest thinking about whether you can handle graduate level courses in the SMP. I think the plus side to your situation is that you have been diagnosed with disorders that can affect your performance so once you decide on what route to take definitely look into getting accommodations. I too have a low gpa and have accommodations for things I have been diagnosed with and it has been SOOO helpful getting extra time on quizzes/exams etc. Since your gpa is so low it will be hard to get into a formal post-bac (and even more so an SMP I’d assume) so you should start a DIY/informal route. These classes count toward your undergrad gpa which is a plus (not sure SMP gpa counts toward undergrad gpa). You’re young so you have plenty of time to fix things, you can absolutely make it to med school! Also, consider starting part-time with classes and make your way to full-time once you got a handle on things.