Post Bacc PreMed progm recommendation in Houston, TX

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to take the ‘plunge’ and register for PreMed classes starting this Spring.

I am 41, have a BE [Electronics] and MS [Computers], teach part time in a community college and also work on some independent consulting projects.

Being a doctor has been an unfulfilled dream since 10th grade…

Can you recommend a good premed program in Houston TX or anything online?

I am looking at Uof H, but did think of Rice…the cost stops me though!

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.

I’m looking in the same geographical area, so I will try to help if I can.

  1. UH - no formal postbac program, take classes as a postbac. Seems to be pretty common for people who want to stay in Houston. I may end up taking this route…

  2. Rice Class III Continuing Studies: no formal program, but Rice’s general premed results are amazing–they send like 1/4 of their total applicants to Baylor each year. However… it is obscenely expensive, at around $1200 per credit-hour. Do this if you’re very rich.

    Other ideas:

  3. Univ of North Texas - formal premed postbac, but it’s a special master’s program only. Need all prereqs + an MCAT score if memory serves. Cheap, but nowhere near Houston obviously.

  4. UT Austin Extension: no formal program, take classes at night. No real institutional support, but at $500/course (NOT credit-hour) it’s hard to complain too much. Again, not in Houston.

  5. Texas A&M: I’ll let you know, since I live in College Station. To do a science postbacc you need a 3.6 (minimum ugrad gpa) to get in, and you register dead-last. I am trying to see if there are other routes at A&M, but… I’ve had little luck finding ANYone knowledgeable.

  6. UT-Dallas - a sort of formal informal program. Take whatever classes you need, and they provide you with some advising. Around $1000/class in tuition. I’m leaning towards this program myself presently. Alas, it is in Dallas.

    Good luck! Please let me know if you know of anything better than what I listed; I’m interested myself for obvious geographical reasons. I’m still trying to see if there’s a way to do a postbacc via the UT-Houston Health Science Center, but those programs don’t seem to be what you and I are interested in…

Short note: I couldn’t find much info on SDN. However, University of Houston appears to be a pretty solid place to do pre-reqs; University of Houston’s satellite campuses apparently are NOT as good and offer pre-reqs sometimes only once a year. So… make sure you know which UH campus you would be going to when you apply.…

Good morning risenshine001, I’m currently searching for a Houston-based postbacc/pre-reqs campus also. UH-Clear Lake ( & soon a UH-Pearland campus(Fall 2010??)will be available for classes. Please keep me updated if you find any additional postbacc opportunities in the surrounding Houston area.


I am taking my remaining pre-med prerequisites at UH. You should have no problem enrolling in their courses. I might take some courses at HCC as well. I think that you can pretty much take all your courses at HCC and save some money.

Gave that a thought…the question does come to mind and also I ve been reading some places here …

Is it better to do the pre reqs at a 4 yr college rather than a community college?

Also doing a little research into this as I’m thinking post bacc/premed. Couple of schools you missed.

St Thomas

Premed post bacc program.


Pre-health in the Biology dept and post bacc admissions.


Offers post bacc and premed .

I started taking my prereq at Lone Star College. Im now at UH taking upper division classes…I’ve meet with Deans at UT Houston Medical and UTMB and they all said it does not matter where you take the prereqs. THey even said I did not have to take the upper division classes either…But, every advisor you speak with say you should if you do not have a biology/biochem degree…So, Im doing it…

I have a mentor named Dr. Sutton…He was a policeman for 15 yrs then decided to go to med school. He finished 2007. He saids take the upper bio classes. So, I am…

I dont think it really matters where you take the courses, just get A’s.