Post Bacc Programs in MD

Hello everyone!

Since this is my first post, I will introduce myself. I am a 24 year old female currently living in PA. My husband is in his second year of Law School and has accepted an offer in Baltimore. I have decided to apply to the Post Bacc programs at Goucher and Johns Hopkins.

I was an International Relations major in college and took no science classes. In high school I wanted to be a doctor so I took a ton of science courses and got high scores on the AP exams.

Has anyone applied to either/both of these programs? Anyone currently attending? Anyone have any encouragement? I’m currently in the finance field and have been out of school for 4 years so doing this is a big step for me.

Thanks for your help!


I was accepted to the Goucher program back in 1999. It is a great program with a great track record of acceptance into med school. While the Hopkins program wasn’t around when I was applying, I am sure by name alone it likely has a good track record. The only drawback of these programs is cost as I would imagine that they are probably running around $30k/yr now.

I ultimately decided to go to the program at Towson University. Unfortunately, the dawn of the program at Hopkins caused the number of enrollees to decline to the point the program was shut down (there is a limited pool of enrollees to draw from). If Towson’s program were still around, I would hands down recommend there. I’m surprised that UMBC hasn’t started a more-reasonably priced program. I know that for a lot of people cost isn’t an issue, but when I was leaving my job and we were going to a one-income household, the $20k/yr price tag was much more intimidating than $7500/yr.

As an aside, there are great volunteer opportunities down at the University of Maryland. I would presume that there are similar opportunities at Hopkins. Both places are accustomed to having pre-meds and med students around.

I’m originally from Baltimore and just moved from there in 2007, so let me know of any other questions you might have.

Thanks so much for your reply!