post-bacc programs in NYC area

Does anyone know how big a difference it would be if I took classes at Columbia University vs Queens College?
Columbia is expensive and I want to know if it would be worth the extra cost I would incur. Also Columbia has an acutal program vs other schools just letting you take classes. Are there any advantages to it?
Can anyone recomend a school in the NYC area which would be good to take all the pre-req for med school?

For what it’s worth, I’m pre-vet not pre-med, but I’m currently in school with many other post-bacc pre-meds at Hunter College CUNY. So far, I’ve had a wonderful experience. Most of my teachers have been great (although there have been a few duds). And it is much cheaper than Columbia, $160/credit vs. $800.
I had originally planned to go to Columbia, so I can understand your dilemma. Columbia is an “ivy league” and there’s a formal post-bacc program with advisors, etc…Hunter is cheaper but you’re more or less on your own…and the list of pros and cons can go on and on.
Based on my own experience, I would recommend Hunter over Columbia, but I’m not you and my priorities may be different. I did not want to be $40,000 in debt before even starting vet school (keep in mind vets don’t make as much as doctors). Also, I remember hearing that Columbia will not give you a recommendation if you’re GPA is too low, whereas I know that Hunter will always try to present you in the best light no matter what your grades. There’s also a linkage program at Hunter with Columbia’s medical school, although it’s very competitive, it’s probably worth looking into.
Just my two cents, feel free to email me with more specific questions…good luck with your decision!

While the school you attend caries some weight, what is most important are your GPA and MCAT scores. First and foremost, I would attend a school where I knew I could get A’s. My second consideration would be the reputation of the school.
Another point is that I would only consider a post-bacc program that has a linkage to one or more medical school. A “linkage” is where the program will guarantee you a spot in a medical school if you perform above a certain level. If the program doesn’t have a linkage, then there really is no advantage over taking courses at a regular university as a special or non-degree-seeking student.

I went through your same dilemma in choosing whether to go to Columbia or not. Cost was a big factor- being $40k in debt as you enter med school is a scary thought.
Hunter is a very good school and they really do want to see you suceed. People there are nice and it is not snobby like Columbia. NYU also has a formal post-bacc program- but you run into the same cost issues. Of the three formal post-bacc programs in the city- Hunter, Columbia, NYU- I would choose Hunter hands down.
Their linkage program is with Cornell though, not Columbia and with Downstate if you are a minority. I would go in and speak with the post-bacc advisor about your goals at each school you are interested in. That is what I did. Columbia wouldn't even let me make an appointment to see an advisor, nor would they answer my questions over the phone- even though I was in the program already… that kind of inflexiblity when you have a job, family, ect.- can get irritating fast.
PM if you need more info.

Another question: How about the difference between the (CUNY) post-bacc programs at Hunter College and City College?