Post Bacc programs?

I would like to get some opinions from those of you that went to a structured post-bac program. Was it worth it for you? The expence? The time? Any recommendations? All my science classes are 20 years old with unimpressive grades. My undergrad GPA was under 3.0, but I have a decent MBA GPA (3.45). I'm thinking perhaps to go for a program that has a linkage agreement with a med school. I believe I can be competitive in these programs. I've started taking community college classes but I'm not conviced this is the best way to go about it. I can pay and I can make the time and move.
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some are worth it…(Mine is a medical school proving ground since we are doing Medical school classes). Try this link and see what you think>
Post bacc programs

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I did a post-bacc program at a local undergraduate university. It was 1/4 of the cost of the local private school post-bacc program and I didn't feel at any disadvantage when applying to med school. I felt well prepared for the MCAT and for my first year classes. The greatest advantages of a post-bacc program was that I didn't have to register for classes- the program head took pre-registered us before regular registration opened, so we were guarenteed the best instructors and the best schedule. Also, it gave me a chance to get a committee letter so that I didn't have to track down all of those instructors that I had back in undergrad.
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How is that program going? Does it feed into local medical schools and are there any guarantees depending on how well you do? Just curious.