Post-Bacc Programs?

Hi All,

I’m new here on OldPreMeds. I was just wondering is it better to attend a “hard science” post bac program or an “applied science” program? Does it matter to med schools? Thanks any suggestions are appreciated

I don’t understand what you mean when you say “hard science” vs “applied science.”

Let’s just say:

Biology: yes

public health: no.

  • tec Said:
I don't understand what you mean when you say "hard science" vs "applied science."

Post-baccs come in several flavors as used by the AAMC in formal programs

Formal Programs

80 undergraduate programs

*all non-degree, split between certificate and non-certificate

48 graduate programs

*non-degree with both certificate and non-certificate

*degree with traditional masters with thesis/hard science

*degree special masters program with applied/medical science, some have thesis


*undergraduate, degree programs

*undergraduate, non-degree/non-matriculat ed classes

*graduate (should be included too I guess, but I don't have much info/experience)

The question, I believe is which of the graduate programs would be viewed more favorably by adcoms. There is certainly no data or even reasonably decent reviews or comparisons of post-baccs to make any informed opinion as to which may be viewed more highly. Without having any information of your background it would difficult to see which may be better for your particular background.

My GPA is low right now <3.0. I have two more years at Brandeis to bring it up and that's what I'll do, but I might still have to do a post-bac program. I'm interested in primary care and public health. I really want to go into medicine, but I've faced my challenges these past couple of years academically and now I'm trying to create an action plan to help me materialize my dreams. Thanks for your clarification and information.