Post-bacc question :)


Where I live we do not have a large university with programs like the post-bacc for pre-medicine but we do have a small 4year college. Will it be ok if I take the same classes that are found in a formal post-bacc program on my own at the local college? The college is a well respected 4 year school and is not a community college. I have a BA degree from a foreign university and I am not sure if the formal post-bacc is necessary.

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No, a formal post-bacc is not necessary. Med schools only care that you have taken (and done well in) the pre-requisites.

That being said, you may want to check with some med schools and see if they will accept your foreign degree. It may depend on where the degree is from. If they will not accept your degree, you may need to complete another degree in the US, or at the very least, 90 semester hours in the US (the typical minimum hours that med schools require, although they prefer a degree).

I am trying to get into the nursing program-ADN. Is it good enough? ADN- 70 credit hr, at CC though!

You MUST check with the medical schools that you may eventually apply to. They will have widely varying policies regarding foreign bachelor’s degrees so there is no way to give you a simple answer.