Post-bacc vs. second bachelor's

In the case where you have the option of completing a second bachelor’s degree, what is the advantage of doing a post-baccalaureate study program instead? The second degree (e.g. in biology) will still get you all the courses you need for medical school, and for a relatively few extra courses will net you another BS or BA, which surely cannot hurt you no matter what your future path. Is there something extra-special and super-duper about a post-bacc that I’m missing?

I had been weighing my options as far as what to do to complete my pre-requisites, and decided on just going for a 2nd bachelor’s. The bachelor’s won’t take very much longer than a traditional 2yr master’s program for me, and I’ll be able to complete plenty of electives and will be a bit better to get my GPA up a little bit. My decision was helped by the fact that I would have had to move in order to attend any kind of formal post-bacc, but glad I’m going this route, and from the people I’ve talked to it certainly will not make much difference when it comes to applying to med school. Best of luck.

It does take longer to to a second bachelor’s than a post-bacc. But it can give you access to classes closed off to non-majors and non-regular students.

Another advantage of the second bachelors is that if your GPA is marginal during your post-bacc, you can still keep taking classes to see if you can bring up that GPA, if you are successful.