post baccalaureate or Community College?

Hi all,

First time poster. I am taking the plunge at 28 and want to pursue my dream of a medical career. I was a business major on college, and have worked in the corporate world since then. Here is my question:

My GPA is a not so stellar 3.3. I have to take the pre-req science classes and hope to boost the GPA a little. Am I better off attending a post baccalaureate course designed to help get you into med school or taking the cheaper route in Community College?

Are credits from the specifically designed courses more respected by the admissions boards than from community college?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Or - there is option C: take the pre-reqs on your own at a 4-year university. If you browse long enough, you’ll find multiple threads devoted to the plusses and minuses of going to a CC. In general, take your courses at the most rigorous institution you can afford and schedule. If you must take courses at a CC, try to take at least a few courses at a 4 year institution.

Formal programs have pros and cons as well, but certainly aren’t necessary and probably don’t give you much of an advantage unless you attend a program with a linkage to a medical school.

Thanks for that. I have read some threads about it already.

So, if my goal is to boost my GPA as well as knock out the pre-reqs, I am better off at a 4-year traditional university than the CC. The question is am I better of doing a specific a post-bacc course or going to a 4 year university? The two programs I am looking at do have ties to medical schools. They are in Chicago:

-Loyola University - Loyola Med School.


-Dominican University - Rush Med School.

If I was going to just cover the pre reqs I would likely go to University of Illinois - Chicago, or DePaul university where I got my undergrad.