Post-med life

What’s life like post-med school and residency?

How many hours per week do you work?

How much time off are you able to you take?

Is anywhere near accurate on pay for various specialties?

Is malpractice insurance as big a drag as I hear in the media?

Is there much opportunity to participate in research/teaching/science ?


Just playing with the polling feature and wondering if it shows as expected… If so, please respond. Thanks

I get 15 days of paid vacation time, plus 6 holidays, per year. I can take it in little bits or in larger chunks as long as I plan ahead. What I do miss is spontaneity - I can’t look at the forecast, see that it’s going to be gorgeous tomorrow, and decide to bag work, because I usually have at least 12 patient scheduled prior to the start of the day, and then of course anywhere from 8 to 12 more scheduled as same-day appointments.

I am in the office from 8am to 5pm. I bring work home with me which is how I conclude I am working over 60 hours a week… but right now is the worst time of year for primary care; it wasn’t nearly that bad a few months ago. Still, my evenings are spent catching up on my charts and labs and I’ve spent most of my Sunday doing the same. (I’m a little behind, gotta catch up!)

I dunno about any other medical specialties but I love my job as a family doctor and so this schedule doesn’t bother me. I look forward to getting more time off, but that won’t happen until I’ve been in the position for a few more years.