Postbac Programs: CCNY vs. UMass Boston vs. Harvard ext. vs. FIU?

Where to begin…

Hello, my name is Jon. I graduated from Tufts in '03 with a BS in Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Unfortunately, my gpa was pretty low: 2.99, but I did get a B+ in a summer physics class at FIU, so my cumulative gpa is above a 3.0 .

As an undergrad I completed physics 1 & 2 , and I took a chemistry class geared towards engineers my freshman year. Since I took those classes about 7 years ago, I still have to complete all the prerequisites.

So that brings me to my current dilemma. I have been accepted to UMass Boston and City College of New York. I only recently found out that Harvard Extension also allows you to take science courses. The truth is that I don’t really know much about these programs and I have no idea where to go.

How good is the acceptance rate of these programs?

How are the classes? Are they very difficult? Are the professors helpful and clear with the material? Are the students very competitive?

How are the advisors?


The reason why I have FIU in the title is because I might have to stay in florida (depending on certain circumstances) and I was just wondering if it is a decent alternative. I will most likely be leaving, so it’s not a big deal if no one has any info on this school.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have to make a decision very soon, and I am freaking out a bit.

Welcome, Jon .

I can’t speak for any program in particular, but I’d expect that any of these would be a viable option.

The CCNY and UMass acceptances - are those for formal post-bacc programs? You may also want to consider an informal post-bacc - essentially, just taking the coursework at an undergraduate institution (ideally a university).

Good luck!

Yes, the CCNY and UMass are formal post-bacc programs, whereas FIU and Harvard Extension are not.

and thank you, I am glad to be here.

jon: i’m surprised I didn’t see this post before. I am in all immodesty OldPreMeds’ most illustrious CCNY graduate, so if you haven’t decided yet or if you have already decided 2 go there, you are welcome to email me at the address below and I’ll give you the straight dope on anything you want to know.

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