Postbacc advice desperately needed!!

Hi all!

I’m in the process of applying for post bacc programs and I’m a little stuck at a few points in the process. I’m interested in GPA enhancing type programs, as that is where I need the most help. I took a few science classes that I did well in and do not want to repeat or pay for again- but earlier science courses have killed my GPA so I need to retake them and rebuild my GPA, and complete those pre-reqs in good standing. I would really like a 1 year program, and in a perfect world to glide right into a linkage- but I don’t want to put all my eggs in that basket. I also need to take the MCAT, and I honestly feel like as much as many of these programs cost that should be included. Right now my school list includes UVA, UPenn, Tufts, Columbia, and Bryn. I would love any advice on these schools and their programs, and/or more reccs for other schools I should look into if anyone has any. Any advice on general post bacc life would be great too. I’m debating posting my application to start in the spring vs the summer. I keep going back and forth on the concept of “readiness” for the rigor of the workload and needing to totally immerse myself to do well. What has been the experience of others with start dates?

Thank you in advance for your help! Any and all is much appreciated

You’re going to have to be a more forthcoming with your specific situation (cGPA, sGPA, clinical experiences, volunteering etc etc) if order for us to give you the best advice.

If you are looking for a GPA-enhancing postbacc then probably all of the one year postbaccs are out since they are the most competitive (B-M for example). As for taking the MCAT, you should be aware the changing format in 2015 that may entail additional coursework and time. What courses do you need to take for the pre-med pre-reqs?

As for the specific programs, you might check out the postbacc forum on SDN since there is a large volume of posts (just have to sift through the dross at times).

Try this link

You can narrow your search to just grade enhancing programs as opposed to career changers.

My science gpa is about a 2.5 and my cumulative gpa is a 3.2. I did poorly in Gen Chem 1 & 2 (D’s), but got B+'s in Orgo 1 & 2. I also got A’s in Bio 1 & Microbiology. I still need Bio 2, Physics 1 & 2, and to retake Gen Chem 1 & 2.