Postbacc or SMP?

Hi future docs,

I am currently a senior in college with a terrible GPA. I had a 1.4 my first semester of college. Ended up flunking out with all F’s my sophomore year. I transferred to a Public university a year laterand have done a little bit better. My concern is that no matter what I do my GPA will not be high enough because of the damage that was done. I am currently sitting at a 2.4 GPA and will be taking the MCAT in July. Should I enroll in a SMP or a post back and for how many years/months? If you have any school recommendations please leave them below please!

Definitely would recommend a post-bacc, your best shot is showing an upward trend and taking upper level science courses and proving that you can do it. Your GPA is going to be very hard to move. Just knock those the post-bacc out of the park and study HARD for the MCAT I am sure you’ll be just fine.