PostBacc Programs

Hi, it has been a while since I last visited. It’s good to see that OPM is still going with many more new registered users. I love this site!
Anyway, I’m thinking about applying to a good PostBacc Program. Please share any good links. Thanks.

You may have already checked these out, but here are a couple:
There’s also a forum on SDN that deals with Post-bacc programs, which is somewhat helpful.

Thanks ArcieDee. I’ve researched both sites but it’s always great linking them for those who haven’t been there. The sites contain some very useful information and I actually think that I can apply to some of the postbaccs. laugh.gif
Again, thank you.

Hi! The post-bacc programs seem to fall under several different categories: either enhancement programs for those who applied to medical school but didn’t get in or need to boost their GPAs/MCAT scores, programs for disadvantaged students (minorities/economically disadvantaged), or programs for career changers who don’t have the science background.
I’m in category #3. I applied to 3 formal post-bacc programs (Johns Hopkins University, Goucher College, and Barry University) and 2 informal programs as a 2nd degree bachelor’s student (Old Dominion University and University of North Carolina - Greensboro). I’ve been accepted to the latter two but I haven’t heard back from the formal post-baccs yet.
Good luck! I checked out the AAMC web site first, wrote away to a bunch of schools for info., and chose schools based on location/reputation/their program/etc. (in no particular order). It’s hard to choose b/c there are so many post-bacc programs out there. I wanted to limit my applications to 5-6 b/c I think the FAFSA only gives you space for 6 schools. (The application process was also very time-consuming and expensive). I still may apply to Georgetown next summer, but I haven’t decided yet.
Let me know where you apply. Good luck.

welcome back, stormsStone! It is good to see your username on here; I hope you are doing well. I can’t actually answer the question I just wanted to say hi!

I have noticed that several programs are not listed in the AAMC site for New York (examples: NYU and Columbia). So I would suspect that that there are more programs than that meet the eye
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Fortunately, you don’t have to apply to a formal program to get into med school. I worked and completed classes (pre-reqs only - not classes to solely boost gpa) at the local state univ. I also met people there who were taking classes just to boost their gpa - they had already finished their prereqs. Don’t know which boat you’re in, but keep in mind if you need to keep the $$ flowing, you don’t have to give up work entirely to go to a formal post bac program. You can make up your own as I did.

Donna’s right; that’s certainly an option - I did that too and it was pretty cheap and well worth it for me.
At the same time, I’ll say that it does seem that official post-bacc programs have some advantages of advising and preparing you for the application process - stuff I had to figure out on my own and with the help of my OPM pals and others. (I would say that the available network of support is vastly improved over four years ago!) And some post-bacc programs have linkages to medical schools - I have two classmates who did Goucher College’s post-bacc program and got early interviews at GWU as a result. I am not sure how it worked but they essentially were able to cut out their “glide” year somehow, which was nice for them.
So there are lots of different ways to go about it; if a post-bacc program is the right way to go for you, then there are some good ones. But don’t assume you need one til you’ve looked at all the other possibilities, too.