Postpone interviews b/c of illness?

I have come down with some hideous viral thing that has given me conjunctivitis (pink eye, very unattractive) and continuous nose-blowing and throat-clearing. I am supposed to get in the car the day after tomorrow and drive 12 hours to interviews at med school X, then drive another 2 hours to interviews at school Y the following day.
Would it be perceived as flaky or as considerate to postpone these two interviews? Everyone who has seen me in the past 2 days has told me I look terrible. I have no idea when I am going to get better; I could be fine on interview day, or I could still be in bad shape.
Thanks in advance for your always-helpful advice.

Just call them up and ask to reschedule it. It’s no problem really, you want to look your best and it probably doesn’t send the right message if you are too willing to spread your diseases! Even if you start feeling better now, after being that sick and then driving 12 hours, you won’t look so good. You’ll need a few days recovery to look healthy again. I rescheduled an interview once, and they were more than accomodating about it.

definitely call and see how accomodating they are willing to be. If they make you wait 2 months for another interview, consider keeping the ones you. Just so you don’t put yourself at a disadvantage with a late interview. On the other hand, maybe they have cancelations in the next 2 weeks that you could take advantage of!
good luck and I hope you’re feeling better soon!

So, meowmix, What did you end up doing? Did you postpone or get better enough to attend your interviews.
Postponing is sometimes difficult. I first applied during 2001. I had one interview across country and it was set up for mid septemeber. However after 9-11, I just couldn’t see myself flying across country, so I tried to postpone and then ended up canceling all together due to being to nervous to fly so soon after the terrorist attack.