Postponing application

I have been a bit of a lurker here, but I wanted to express my frustration. I finished all of my prereqs this past semester and was planning on applying at the end of July (which I know is less than ideal).

I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but here are my numbers:

Gen Chem I: B

Gen Chem II: A-

Bio I: B+

Bio II: A

Physics I: A

Physics II: A-

Orgo I: A-

Orgo II: B

Immunology: A

sGPA: 3.59

cumGPA: 3.45

grad GPA: 3.83

Anywho, I just discovered that it will be financially impossible to do so this cycle. I am soooo frustrated. I know this is a long term process, but I hate putting it off even longer.

I have NOT taken the MCAT yet. I was scheduled for the July 28 test. I was going to submit my app without scores, which would likely not be in until the end of August anyway. I guess the bright side is that I have more time to study and shadow.

Just had to whine a bit, good luck to everyone in this cycle.


I understand the frustration as I decided to postpone a year myself. So it can hurt a bit for sure. The upside is that

1- You will have more time for the MCAT

2- You will be a better applicant

So chill out. Med School is not going anywhere. Your seat will be waiting.

Take it easy and try to enjoy this time as going to Med School will be a bumpy ride with little time to do anything else. So enjoy the time in front of you for now.

Yeah, we are in the same boat. I’m 36 as well and will be 37 when I apply.

I am definitely a firm believer in “things happen for a reason”. Though, I’m not a determinist by any means.

Ultimately my current situation is a result of a series of choices that I made. Either way, I will shake it off and regroup.

Thanks for the commiseration!