Postponing one undergrad degree for another

Hi, I wanted to see what your opinions were on this, or even better, if you’ve heard of it being done before. Getting my BS in Healthcare Administration, which I do want to eventually finish. I need more science obviously. I have a state university in town but really the only way to take advantage of their many science courses is to become a student. They do not accept students who already have a bachelors degree. Technically I don’t have one yet. I figured I could apply as a bio undergrad and if I was accepted, I could finish my other degree while enrolled. Would that be an issue? I don’t know how they would find out, or if it would matter? They would obviously see my transcripts when I apply, but I don’t know if they would question that or care.

Sounds like you’d just be “double majoring” but between 2 different schools. Can’t say I’ve heard of it before, but I don’t know why it would look “bad.”

Just as a general bit of info, you do have to submit all of your transcripts with your application to medical school. I think it’s really just used to balance the coursework and grades against actual records and not to check what your degree was in. As far as I know, saying you’re declaring a major is an informal thing which has no impact on anything. They do check your name and records against a national clearing house of higher education, so there’s no way to not claim classes that you’ve taken. Again, I don’t think it’ll really matter in your case, as long as you’re aren’t trying to hide the fact that you took classes at two schools for whatever reason.

Yeah, no intentions of hiding anything. I just worry that the fact I will obtain one bachelors degree while attending a school that does not accept students with a previous degree. How they would find out I received a degree while enrolled, I don’t know it’s possible or if they would care. As long as I didn’t have it at the time of acceptance? It’s either this or a post bacc and this would save me money and allow me to keep my current job.

I honestly don’t think schools would care about the minutia of how you got the coursework done. If they ask, you have a very valid reason for doing it. Anyone who has ever tried to get into a class as a non-degree student knows what it’s like to be the concrete underground that is holding the totem pole…

Sometimes people give admissions folks too much credit for how deeply they get into your stuff (maybe I don’t give them enough?). Have competitive numbers, write well/tell a good story, and present yourself as a human being that is worth getting to know better. You’re one of thousands of applications they’ll be looking at, so you are seconds-to-minutes of their lives. They’re not going to waste their time trying to fill in the gaps, and they won’t spend the time to find out more information than you present them unless a) it seems interesting (and they interview you) or b) it seems super shady and they shoot you down or seek to discredit (more likely the former than the latter).

Thanks for the input. I agree that I’m probably putting too much weight on how much thought or time they would put toward looking into things.