Ppd. (Rained out)

I don’t have anything helpful. I just need to vent a little. I went to take my exams today. When I arrived I found the testing center blacked out by Oklahoma’s grand, old, spring thunderstorms. A seventy-mph gust-front woke me about 0400 this morning, so I checked to make sure we didn’t have any tornadoes bearing down on us. But, the thought that my 1200 MCAT appointment would be disrupted by a power outage barely crossed my mind.

So, there we sat. Fifteen anxious pre-meds in a dark waiting room in northwest Oklahoma City. They “allowed” us to wait for one hour to see if the power might be restored in time to begin by one o’clock. Every minute the temperature and humidity and anxiety crept up, until I wasn’t sure I even wanted to stay any longer. After all the preparation, both academic and mental, I was ready to do battle. The stand-down order was so frustrating. Aaaaargh!

No doubt, I’ll use the extra weeks to be even more prepared, and I’ll have my AMCAS and AACOMAS complete but for my scores, but I was so vigilant about being early. Now at the very least, my timing is shot!

In the end, there’s just no one to blame. I’ve lived in this region my whole life, so if I haven’t learned anything else, I know I can’t fix the weather. Thank God we are alive and well, and our properties are standing. I suppose I’ll take the strike and wait for the next pitch…

YIKES! I’d be fit to be tied. Hang in there and get ready to kick butt in a few weeks.

Thanks. Get my head straight and get back to it.