Pre-application course work question

Hi all-
Do you have to have completed all of your course work in the pre-med classes before the application will be accepted?
Specifically, I started the process this sememster Spring 2004 with Chem 1 with lab and Bio 2 with lab. Next fall (2004) I plan on taking Chem 2, Bio 1 with lab and Physics 1 with lab. Next Spring (2005) Physics 2 with lab and Orgo 1 and Chem 2 lab.
I plan to take the MCAT’s in August 2005 but having sent my application in already. But I will not have completed Orgo 2 or either orgo labs. (I was going to do orgo labs during the lag year).
Will my application not be considered if I have not completed Orgo 2, completing it only in the fall of 2005?
Any input?

You have to complete all your required coursework before you matriculate into medical school. Schools do look at those grades and they will question why you took the MCAT without that class. I had a number of questions on my MCAT that I needed to have had organic lab in order to answer them.

I just responded to your other post and now that I have read this one, I see you are planning on taking the MCAT without Organic II. Why would you want to do that?

You can apply with courses “pending completion.” People do it all the time. How that goes over kinda depends on the rest of your application; if your overall GPA is pretty good with no glaring weaknesses, then having a few credits pending isn’t a big deal.
IF, however, you don’t have many science credits, or you do have old bad grades to make up for, then you want to have as many new, good grades as you can when you apply. Otherwise you are just giving an admissions office an excuse to not look at your application.
There are differing opinions on whether you MUST have Orgo II before the MCAT. While I agree with Amy that it’s pretty important, I have seen other people say that they felt the basic principles learned in Orgo I would be enough. My own experience is too old for me to give personal insight at this point.
But this does play into a theme I sound often: it is better to take your time and present the BEST possible application, than rush and put together an application that would be better if you’d waited. Hurrying in this process, while sometimes successful for some people, seems so much more likely to buy you disappointment - and the whole application year is a huge hassle, you only want to do it once. If any of these situations (bad old grades, few science grades, other worrisome aspects of your application) apply to you, why not wait until you can put your absolute best foot forward?
I recognize none of these situations may be applicable, in which case taking the MCAT without Orgo II is still something of a crap shoot but perhaps you feel confident that it’s a risk you can manage.

I have to second what Amy and Mary have already posted. As a non-trad the burden of proof is on you and adcoms gauge recent coursework heavily if you have been out of school for some time. There is no need to rush (not implying that you are) and presenting yourself in the best possible light is much much better than trying to rush and possibly not getting accepted. Also, if your MCAT rocks than not having organic II will probably not matter much but what if (God forbid) that you do not do so hot in the BS section then the “why did this person not take organic II before the MCAT” will come up as a red flag…so if it was me (but you know opinions are like … and everyone has one) I would first finish ALL my pre-reqs and maybe some more like microbiology and molecular biology and THEN take the MCAT.

You guys are so great. Thank you for all your thoughtful responses. I love this forum!
Amy, the reason why I was planning on taking the MCAT’s without Orgo 2 is to avoid putting off Med School for a whole year. But I see now that I am just getting wound up and rushing things. Frankly I love school and am very interested in biochem, microbiology, etc. I would not mind taking them too before applying. We’ll see…but I will wait for the MCATs and applying until I have completed Orgo 2 or at the very least do it in the same sememster.
Mary, my grades past and history are good but I am rushing things and I need to not be so in a hurry. Thanks for your input.
Thank you everyone for your advice. I hope to be able to give back someday as you are doing.
All the best,

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