Pre-Calculus question

Hey guys, question for you, this one is pretty straightforward. Do you think college algebra is a good idea to take before taking pre-calc so the student can adequately understand the material?
I took basic algebra last semester and I’m taking intermediate algebra this semester. I’m just wondering if I should take a third algebra class before going into pre-calc or if it would be unnecessary.

As my calc professor said in college, " calculus is where you really learn your algebra." If you have done well and feel like you understand what you’ve learned, taking an additional algebra course is less important. If you don’t feel confident in your algebra skills, then by all means take another course so that you’ll wow them in pre-calculus. Good luck.

You will do ok without taking the college algerbra, but when i took the class, it seemed like the people who had just took the college algerbra before taking the pre cal, did better in the class.

Sounds like a plan…honestly as long as I get a good grade in pre-calc and calc, I don’t really care beyond that since most med schools only require 1 semester of calc anyways. I don’t like math enough to take an extra class unless I have to. I’ve been getting constant As in algebra so far, so I’m fairly confident in knowing it. I’ll just go to pre-calc. Thanks guys!