Pre-Med Certificate

So - Tell me, how does this look?
Do med schools not care if you have taken math? I am scheduled to take math at OSU, but I’m not sure I need it. Will this barebones certificate suffice?
By the way, I had a conversation with Judy Colwell. She’s great. I was afraid that a post-bacc would be seen as being a lightweight degree, but she disagreed.
I attended Xavier for my MBA, and really like the school. It is small, private, and I’m sure I could get many great LORs.

By the way, I’d also take the biochem at Xavier.

Gary -

The Xavier program would probably be great. You might want to see if you can connect with someone who has been through the program and get their thoughts. Did they feel well prepared for the MCAT? for Med school? See if Xavier has any stats for you. How do their program grads fare on the MCAT? What percentage end up being accepted?

Again, I definitely think that getting LOR’s is much easier in a small school environment than OSU main.

Since Xavier and UC are affiliated, the Xavier program might open some doors at UC’s med school. Seems like the program would be worth exploring further. As stated before, you can do your pre-reqs with or without a formal program, so do what is best for you.

As for the math - check at schools you are interested in. Some require calculus, some don’t. I chose to take through 151 at OSU because I planned on applying there and figured that if I didn’t take the math recommended for pre-med majors it might be a disadvantage.


PS - I sent you a PM.