Pre-med courses at a can still attend an Ivy league med school

So my friend, also a pre-med student, calls Harvard Med School admission office inquiring if they’ll accept pre-med courses from a community college. I’m thinking she is wasting her time, and they actually tell her, yes, they’ll accept the courses as long as the community college is accredited. I guess i’ll be adding Harvard to the list of schools i’m apply to Yeah it’s competitive, but it’s good to know they’ll at least look at my application when I apply

Harvard looks at all applications (so they say). I can’t say about the CC credits and how of hindrance it could be.

I think, given the number of applicants, your profile has to be really exceptional to be interviewed. Of course academy ability is one thing, but overall, your story, your background has to be truly outstanding (I am not even sure what that means).

So anyone who is willing to try should apply. I know I started the application, and then figure that even the interview would be costing too much. The cost of attendance would also be pretty stiff and I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford that given my family situation. So I gave up and didn’t apply. Not saying it is not worth a shot, but in my case, the harvard sticker doesn’t make up for the troubles to endure to get in.

So you should apply if you think you have what it takes (good to excellent GPA and MCAT at the very least, with a nice mix of life experiences).

Count the cost of attending those top tier schools. It would definitely be an ego boost but at what price and for what. At this stage I’ll go to BFE School of Medicine as long as it’s US and accredited. I have zero desire to work in academia much less have another boss so any ole medical school will do for me.

However I agree and encourage those with the desire to apply to those “reach” schools. As nontrads, OLDER nontrads, we have a lot to offer and sometimes these schools look past the stats.

IMHO…and thank you for that!!! and…I’m going to apply to Harvard for the heck of it!!

I’m currently at a university for two classes while taking one at a cc. I’m 100% done with the university. I’m going to pray I get a C in physics, finish up my pre-chem class (I missed the chem test by three q’s, already had chem but had to take the pre-test).

The physics instructor is good but the lab guy doesn’t know how to teach and the supplemental instructor dude that is to be our helper two days a week teaches to the “eye candy”, obviously picturing them in less clothing while ignoring the rest of us (one guy about lost his mind on this buff yet not to bright dude/SI teacher). The book is awful; I’m desperately looking for physics books from other resources just to pass this class. The online homework is awful, doesn’t explain when I get a problem wrong, just that it’s wrong. The TA barely helps, “Ask your lab partners”.

However, the CC is way better. As a non-traditional student with plenty of university experience and degrees, again, I’m done with paying $2k for a “class” just to watch a buff dude pick up on chicks ~ and doing a horrible job at it.

General chemistry as a second language might be a good place to start. I also like this site; 45…

Two premed friends of mine went to Harvard Med and both had excellent grades, super MCATs (> 36), and amazing ECs. While it is possible to get into such a school, they are so picky about their applicant pool (they feel obligated to maintain their standards and their elite reputation) that getting in as an average applicant is difficult.

But it is nice to know that even dummies like me may have a chance to at least apply – even if we get rejected.

One other issue that you or your friend may need to consider is your age. Several years ago, I called Harvard Med School’s office up and asked about my chances. The lady said that unless I applied before age 35, my chances would be slim. I was over 35 anyway at that time, so the age-cutoff became a moot point.

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