pre-med courses, foreign diploma

Hello everyone!

A Swedish graduate here with bachelor in physics and master in mathematics who considers applying to med school in the future. I hope that some of you could advise me on where I should start this long marathon.

I was quite average student so I don’t expect my GPA to be spectacular, on the contrary. In addition I am neither a US citizen, nor a green card holder (probably will become a permanent resident in 2 years or so). I have also no intentions of applying as an international student either.

Please advise me on the following as I really don’t know what is the best approach regarding my situation.

Q1: Should I get my academic credentials evaluated by WES and get their GPA calculation for my merits so I know where I stand? (I know that AMCAS will not accept these and their GPA based on such evaluation is 0).

Q2: Pre-med requisites :

General and organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry are the courses I am missing. How to fix this? What do you suggest in my situation?

-A second bachelor? (seems pricy and sort of overkill…)

-post-baccalaureate premedical program? (is a certificate important?)

-taking courses independently at a cc?

I could then fulfill the pre med requirements and generate an ‘‘us’’ GPA and also obtain us academic records for the application… As I have understood AMCAS has its own system of calculating GPA.

Extracurricular /hands-on patient care: A

Which of the below do you suggest?

  1. Volunteerism : Seems very popular but not always offering hands-on patient care (was told that shadowing a physician is ok, but this primarily wathing not doing)
  2. EMT : I was strongly advised to consider this, courses are fairly cheap and can be accomplished just in 3 months
  3. Nursing assistant/Nurse aid : same as the above
  4. Phlebotomist?