Pre med coursework


I want to take the BIOL,CHEM and PHYSICS classes to meet the prereqs. I was told by few schools that they are not offering this type of course anymore due to budget cuts in California. Does anyone know any alternative. Please help…

If u planning to apply and attend a california medical school, then attending a california community college is an option. however u need these course physically somewhere… online is still mostly unacceptable for pre-reqs

Thanks for the response. Earlier I wasn’t sure if community college coursework is counted.

If someone goes to a community college in one state and if for some reason he/she wants to go to med in another state , Is it still ok ?

Rule 3: It Depends

Generally, taking prereqs at a community college are considered not as rigorous as a 4 year school and will put you at a minor to a moderate competitve disadvantage when compared to traditional students. California is the major exception that California CC’s are fully accepted by California med schools

Since the option of taking classes at a 4 year school seems unlikely for you, perhaps should refocus your question. Which will make you a better applicant: classes at a community college or no classes?

I do remember that my CC had two different kinds of chemistry and physics for example, one was “college” physics, and one was the “university” physics, that transferred to every school I knew of, including GW.

That’s ridiculous that it would be considered a disadvantage. I could easily make the argument that you would get a better physics education at the community college. Same textbooks (in my experience), and an instructor that is actually there just to teach, not do research, not publish, not pass off classes to their TA. Taking a lecture class with 200 other students at the university, versus a classroom of 30 where you can ask questions and interact with other students.