Pre-med Dancer, finally!

Hey all-

I’ve posted a bit here and there, so just wanted to share some excitement I’m having!

I’ve been talking with my local 4 year and CC’s, and have finally decided on my course of action, so I thought I’d run it by all you fantastic people. :slight_smile:

The 4 year in my area is incredibly packed, so taking classes as a non-degree student is totally unreliable. Because of that, I’m planning on going to my local CC for my first year, taking chemistry and biology(and Italian, but that’s purely for personal entertainment. lol). Going to apply to the 4 year as a post-bacc student during this year, so that next year I can take my upper level science classes there.(Forgot to add, also will be taking physics at the 4 year) Does anyone see any major problems with this plan? Once I’m comfortable with the school routine again I’m going to take additional science classes to help make me look a bit more competitive :-). Meeting with an advisor tomorrow to finalize registration!

I’m incredibly excited to think of myself as pre med, officially! Don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to study, not even when I was in school dancing!

Also, random note on the side. I am super entertained by my friends reactions whenever I’m talking about surgeries(I’m reeeeally interested in going in to GS). I’m constantly watching videos of different procedures, and the yuck face my friends make when I talk about it makes me laugh so much! That is all :slight_smile:

Hey, eDahl! Welcome to the forums!

I’d like to give you some feedback, but I figure I’ll pick your brain a little first. Was there any particular reason you wanted to take biology your first year and physics in your fourth? And in what year were you planning on taking the MCATs?




Sorry for any confusion, I meant to say I’ll be taking physics at the 4 year university, so that would be next year. Pretty much taking the “basic” science classes at my CC and the high level classes at the 4 year.

Planning on MCAT in April of 2013, that way I would have Chem, Bio, OChem and a bit of physics under my belt.

I admire your addition of Italian-I constantly dream of adding a language back into my coursework, but I struggle with science lectures, labs, research, volunteering and oh yeah, seeing my family as it is.