Pre med degree, which school? Does it matter?


I am very happy that I find this forum. I have a Ph.D. in Engineering, and have worked as an Engineer Researcher for couple of months now and I have come to the conclusion that Engineering does not give me self satisfaction. So I am taking the steps to get into the Medical field where I always had an eye on.

Here is my question. To have a stronger application, does it matter that at which school you take your pre-med course requirements? Would actually having a pre-medical degree look more positive than just taking the required courses in a community collage for example? With the Engineering background I have , I have not taken any biology courses and some of the required chemistry courses. But have taken a lot of mathematics and physics courses. So I don’t need to take the math and physics courses again (I think, which would be requirements to obtain a pre-med degree).

Also, does the name of the “school” where you take the courses matter? Any suggestions for the schools in MD area?

Thank you very much for all the help!

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Thank you very much for your response. The general feeling I got from reading the posts was that community collage is not a good option. What about the science in evening programs in a credential university? for full filling the course requirements of medical school? I already have a B.Sc from a 4-year university and just lack biology and chemistry credits.

Thanks so much!

As long as the course grades are notated on regular transcript like everyone else and the program has a good track record of getting its students into medical school, then it should be fine (examples are Harvard Extension School, Drexel, UC Berkeley Post-Baccalaureate Health Professions Program, et ceterea).

You should plan taking more than the minimums (which if you graduated from an American engineering program, will only be a year of organic chemistry, a year of general biology, and maybe the second semester of general chemistry depending on the school you went to). Courses like biochemistry, immunology, cell biology, etc.

IMO, what matters: going to a decent 4 year college where you can get a 4.0.

Being an ivy grad – I personally discourage the post bacc programs there. It’s a business to make money at these schools, and they weed, weed, weed. Go to state school, be at the top of the class, get As.

Thanks everyone for the advice. Does anyone have an idea about the science in evening program at the University of Maryland? Would that be a good program to attend to full fill the course requirements?

Also, another question is that I have got my PhD degree from a reputable U.S. engineering school, but my B.Sc. is from a school outside the US. Would that hurt my application to a MD program?

Very Appreciate Your Help!

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