Pre-Med diary

I would like to keep an online diary for my pre-med studies, and would like to post it in a place where people will actually read it and give feedback? Can I do this here or does anyone know of where to do that? I’ve tried and they never wrote back

Our diaries are in a state of flux right now. We had to turn off comments because we were getting so much spam, even with the spam software, so you would never know who was reading. We’re considering offering a diary forum, where diarists can start new threads and other people can just comment in them.
Any opinions on this new idea are very welcome!

That would be great! I am used to keeping a paper journal, but with all the pre-med stuff, I thought keeping it online would be good for other people to see my experiences and ask questions/give advice.
A diary forum would be awesome - if this starts up let me know, I’m waiting in line right now

A forum for those that want to write a diary of their pre-med, med school, residency experiences would be a great idea! That way all of the diaries would be in one spot, which would be very convenient for those of us who love to read about others’ experiences.