pre-med N-2 year advising consultants?

Curious. I’m a nuclear engineer highly interested in changing careers into medicine. However, I’m kinda shocked at what a bottleneck/maze it is, and am not really sure what to do.

Are there consultants that would provide professional advice on issues like retaking old courses/demonstrating current academic capabilities, ameliorate historical weaknesses, and offer strategies for medical school admission?

The reason I ask is that my (admittedly limited) searching seems to pertain primarily to the N-1 year of admission. I’m looking for the N-2 admission strategies - somebody to look at my academic and professional record, look at what classes I’m currently taking, MCAT preparation strategies, etc, and provide guidance.

Hard to imagine there isn’t ::something:: out there. Any suggestions or thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.

  • Tom

Hello Tom,

I could certainly assess your academic and professional record, classes you’re taking (and planning to take in the future), MCAT prep, and provide guidance about best steps to take to get to your goal. Please contact me if you’d like more info and to set up an introductory conversation. You can email me at or call me at 410-292-5219.